Skills for data protection

Protecting peoples’ personal data has never been more important, with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation and a number of high-profile data breaches undermining public trust. Our new position paper highlights the importance of developing workers’ skills for data protection. In this position paper, we want to contribute to the debate on data protection, arguing …

ICDL and qualification frameworks worldwide

Qualifications frameworks, like the European Qualifications Framework, make it easy to compare qualifications and certifications from different countries with each other. International qualifications, such as ICDL, can be mapped to National Qualification Frameworks (NQFs) and, in this way, become officially recognised in different countries in Europe and worldwide. The ICDL programme has been mapped to …

Creating the Future: Computing in Education

Computing and digital literacy are two sides of the same coin that both need to be included in compulsory education. In this special report, ICDL Europe argues strongly that students should have the opportunity to develop computing skills and to build a strong foundation of digital literacy. Download the special report

The fallacy of the ‘digital native’

‘We live in the age of the digital native’, or so many would have us believe. But what does the term really mean? Can someone truly pick up digital skills intuitively? Does this mean there is no need to try to teach young people how to use computers? We don’t think so. This idea of …

Habilidades para la protección de datos

La protección de los datos personales nunca ha sido más importante, con el Reglamento General de Protección de Datos de la Unión Europea y una serie de violaciones de datos de alto perfil que socavan la confianza pública, todo el mundo está revisando este tema. Este documento de ICDL Foundation destaca la importancia de desarrollar …

La falacia del “nativo digital”

“Vivimos en la era de los nativos digitales.” Esto lo que desde algunos ámbitos pretenden hacernos creer. Pero, ¿qué significa realmente el término? ¿Puede alguien realmente adquirir habilidades digitales intuitivamente? ¿Significa que no hay necesidad de enseñar a los jóvenes a usar las computadoras? Creemos que esta idea de “nativos digitales” es un peligroso mito …


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