The Health 1.0 module sets out the skill and knowledge necessary for staff to operate a Health Information System (HIS) efficiently and securely.

The Health module builds on and complements professional education and practice principles, and generic ICT skills, to cover the increasingly important area where computer systems used in the health sector may challenge both established professional practice and good data management. It is suitable for all users of patient data systems, such as doctors, nurses, and healthcare support staff.

Module overview

CategorySkill set
  • Healthcare Information Systems
  • HIS types
Due care
  • Confidentiality
  • Access control
  • Security
User skills
  • Navigation
  • Decision support
  • Output reports
Policy and procedure
  • Principles

What are the benefits of this module?

  • Provides a clear, easy-to-follow programme
  • Provides a comprehensive introduction to health information systems that can be applied to a range of health information systems software
  • Certification covers the common international HIS requirements along with an understanding of key national legislation
  • Certifies best practice in HIS software use
  • Developed by an international expert group of health professionals

Learning outcomes

On completion of this module the candidate will be able to:

  • Understand the key features of a Health Information System (HIS)
  • Use a HIS safely and efficiently
  • Understand the ethics, rules, and regulations relating to HIS
  • Understand confidentiality, security, and access control when using a HIS
  • Understand and interpret electronically recorded data

ICDL Professional modules

Designed to meet the needs of modern professionals in a range of sectors, ICDL Professional develops advanced level skills for those with technology-reliant roles. From the use of business applications to the fundamentals of advanced technologies, these skills allow them to manage different types of workload as well as collaborate with technical teams.

ICDL Professional contains a range of modules which can be combined in any way to create a unique ICDL Profile. The syllabus content of each module is supported by learning materials that mirror day-to-day tasks and responsibilities typical of a role in the sector or industry.


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